worst day ever.

so today is the most annoying day in my life. 

i barely sleep finishing up my maquette walls, and I’ve made it ever so neatly but only got a ‘B’ as my mark. so unfair. But thats life, fairness is a rare thing.

And when i got home, im feeling a little bit sore and uncomfortable, so i checked my temp and violaaa~ i got a fever. 
Just when im about to rest and take a nap. A friend (no, nort really, im staying friends with her and her colonies for the sake of courtesy) massaged me and asked about our planning tomorrow evening, asking if we could meet a  bit later in the evening. So i told her im sick atm, so i probably going to sleep in tomorrow, im sorry and let’s postponed it.

Guess what? She freakin got mad at me. DOES IT EVEN MAKES SENSE?!  

and i cant even get a blink of sleep after that, because im so pissed off. it 3.20 am now, and i cant even bring myself to sleep.